Florence: MEET Film Festival awards prizes / Le Festival du Film de la MEET décerne des prix

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MEETolerance event at the University of Florence. Students presented their videoproducts to future teachers, who provided them with a formative feedback to further improve their media productions. In addition, 4 awards were attributed to the students for Direction, Editing, Screenplay and Special effects.

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Theory and practice of new media literacies in the school

How does our way of reading and expressing ourselves in the digital age change? What skills are needed for a critical understanding of digital content? How to prepare future citizens to use the new media alphabets? The textbook, published in July 2018, was edited by Prof. Maria Ranieri and contains contributions from Isabella Bruni, Stefania Carioli, Francesco Fabbro, Andrea Nardi, Liana Peria, Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli, Maria Ranieri and Alessia Rosa

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IAME Summer School 2018

The first Summer of the International Association for Media Education (IAME) took place in the Italian city of Lucca from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2018. On Sunday 1st July the members of IAME gathered in a general assembly in order to discuss a strategy to raise the visibility of media education among relevant stakeholders in Europe, as well as to create further occasions to share and exchange good educational practices within and beyond the members of the association.

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MEET’s national event in Italy

On 24th and 25th May 2018 the University of Florence hosted the international conference “Media education in the global society. Experiences and transfer of good practices”, an event organised by the Italian team of MEET. The conference focused on Media Education as a means to promote an intercultural and inclusive citizenship at school and in the wider society.

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MEET goes to school in Prato

In Italy the MEET’s classroom activities started in November 2017 at the secondary school Gramsci-Keynes in the town of Prato. The researcher/media educator Francesco Fabbro along with 3 teachers (Luca Cappelli, Giuseppe Consentino and Silvia Ermini) and 18 students (age 16-18) tested the Learning Scenario “Challenge violence and play your rights”. Students firstly engaged in media analysis oriented activities focusing in particular on the representation of violence and migrants in videogames and movies. In the second part of the Learning Scenario, students created some fictional game stories inspired to real episodes where human rights were violated or contested. Afterward, they developed different aspects of their game stories (e.g. definition of game play and characters) through which struggles for equal rights were represented and advocated.

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Mainz/Frankfurt: Democracy Day and GMK Forum

State Secretary Heike Raab opens the Forum “Quo Vadis Europa” at Democracy Day in Mainz.

On 6th November Katja Mayer (medien+bildung.com) presented MEET at the “Forum Quo Vadis Europa” at the Democracy Day in Mainz. 12 days later, on 18 November, Prof. Maria Ranieri (University of Florence) explained the MEET project at the GMK workshop on “International Media Education” in Frankfurt.

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Cross-fitting problems and solutions for accepting asylum seekers in small communities

By Andreas Formiconi

Presently, the strategy for distributing the high fluxes of immigrants in Italy consists in scattering them throughout the territory as much as possible. Consequently, the problem of integrating groups of immigrants representing a non négligeable fraction of local populations is a  very common one. The creation of new centers for hosting asylum seekers is entirely under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. The local communities have no official role in the process and their reaction to the setting up of new centers is mostly adverse.

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XXVI Summer School of Media Education

Last July the Summer School promoted by Med (Italian Association for Media Education and Communication) in Lucca (Italy) focused on the relationship between school and territory from a Media Education perspective. The several lectures and workshops planned for this 26th edition of the Summer School offered theoretical and practical insights on how a Service Learning approach can inform the development of Media Education projects in and with the local communities surrounding the schools.

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MEET schools in Germany, Italy and Slovenia

MEET Partners in cooperation with their respective Associated Partners at national level have identified six secondary public schools where the participatory action research will take place between May 2017 and June 2018. Indeed, starting from the next month MEET researchers and teachers will start to co-design media education materials addressing young citizens at the Ernst-Reuter-Schule (Ludwigshafen, DE), BBS Technik 1 (Ludwigshafen, DE), Istituto Gramsci – Keynes (Prato, IT), Istituto Marconi (Prato, IT), Dvojezična srednja šola/Kétnyelvű Középiskola (Lendava, SL) and Srednja šola tehniških strok Šiška (Ljubljana, SL).