Theory and practice of new media literacies in the school

How does our way of reading and expressing ourselves in the digital age change? What skills are needed for a critical understanding of digital content? How to prepare future citizens to use the new media alphabets? The textbook, published in July 2018, was edited by Prof. Maria Ranieri and contains contributions from Isabella Bruni, Stefania Carioli, Francesco Fabbro, Andrea Nardi, Liana Peria, Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli, Maria Ranieri and Alessia Rosa

The volume focuses on the theme of new media literacies, paying particular attention to the cultural and educational dimensions linked to the use of digital media in the field of training. The issue is addressed taking into account not only the perspectives of researchers and teachers, but also those of pupils and parents. Readers will find useful references to orientate themselves in today’s debate on new literacies and multiple ideas for teaching action.