MEET goes to school in Prato

In Italy the MEET’s classroom activities started in November 2017 at the secondary school Gramsci-Keynes in the town of Prato. The researcher/media educator Francesco Fabbro along with 3 teachers (Luca Cappelli, Giuseppe Consentino and Silvia Ermini) and 18 students (age 16-18) tested the Learning Scenario “Challenge violence and play your rights”. Students firstly engaged in media analysis oriented activities focusing in particular on the representation of violence and migrants in videogames and movies. In the second part of the Learning Scenario, students created some fictional game stories inspired to real episodes where human rights were violated or contested. Afterward, they developed different aspects of their game stories (e.g. definition of game play and characters) through which struggles for equal rights were represented and advocated.

In January 2018 the coordinator of project Maria Ranieri, the media educator Andrea Nardi and 4 teachers (Laura Capuozzo, Carmela De Palma, Valeria Ippoliti and Tommaso Rossi) started testing the Learning Scenario “Questioning news media representations of the ‘others’ through video-reporting” in another school located in Prato, the Marconi Institute. Till now this class of 27 students (age 15-16) analysed and discussed the circulation of fake news about ethnic minorities in the social media. In addition, they explored the grammar of audio-visual language and its role in the reproduction of racist stereotypes. After students identified some topics to address through some short video reportage that will be produced in the next lessons. Topics include the dialogue between first and second generation migrants; good and bad examples of migrants’ integration and generational differences in the perceptions of migrants.