Recognizing propaganda strategies – escaping manipulation / Reconnaître les stratégies de propagande – échapper à la manipulation

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Salafist propaganda on the Internet is often targeted at young people. Less religious topics than questions related to everyday life are in the foreground. The ideological offers of Salafist propaganda promise especially young people orientation, meaning and identity. klicksafe informs about Salafist online contents in the new topic module and the website area of the same name.

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IAME Summer School 2018

The first Summer of the International Association for Media Education (IAME) took place in the Italian city of Lucca from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2018. On Sunday 1st July the members of IAME gathered in a general assembly in order to discuss a strategy to raise the visibility of media education among relevant stakeholders in Europe, as well as to create further occasions to share and exchange good educational practices within and beyond the members of the association.

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Cross-fitting problems and solutions for accepting asylum seekers in small communities

By Andreas Formiconi

Presently, the strategy for distributing the high fluxes of immigrants in Italy consists in scattering them throughout the territory as much as possible. Consequently, the problem of integrating groups of immigrants representing a non négligeable fraction of local populations is a  very common one. The creation of new centers for hosting asylum seekers is entirely under the control of the Ministry of the Interior. The local communities have no official role in the process and their reaction to the setting up of new centers is mostly adverse.

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Média Animation: Open Film Contest

Are you concerned about racism and intolerance? Do you want to put forward a positive vision of interculturality? So, express yourself by participating in the thirteenth edition of the “Open Films” contest to perhaps attend the screening of your film through Wallonia and Brussels from 9 to 24 March 2018.

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Media Meets Literacy in Sarajevo 2017

The second Media Meets Literacy conference at Sarajevo (MMLS), organized by the Evens Foundation and its partners – European Commission, Mediacentar Sarajevo and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, explored the crucial question of media literacy at a time when information literacy and critical thinking toward the media are more crucial than ever.

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XXVI Summer School of Media Education

Last July the Summer School promoted by Med (Italian Association for Media Education and Communication) in Lucca (Italy) focused on the relationship between school and territory from a Media Education perspective. The several lectures and workshops planned for this 26th edition of the Summer School offered theoretical and practical insights on how a Service Learning approach can inform the development of Media Education projects in and with the local communities surrounding the schools.

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Reporting on Media Literacy in Europe

Media literacy – our capacity to access, have a critical understanding of and interact with the media has never been as important as it is today. So what is the EU doing to encourage improved media literacy? This study examines measures being taken across the European Union to foster our critical appreciation and understanding of the mass media.

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“mittendrin” – a project of

“mittendrin” (“right in the middle of it”) is a workshop offer for schools in the sense of the radicalization prevention on topics such as politics and religion, diversity acceptance, democratic cohabitation. With media-based methods and joint media production, is approaching current topics in workshops where the media play a major role: the value and benefits of democracy, life in diversity, dealing with prejudice and discrimination, current extremist tendencies and young people on the way to radicalization. Continue reading ““mittendrin” – a project of”