The European Media Literacy Week / La Semaine européenne de l’éducation aux médias

The European Media Literacy Week is a new initiative by the European Commission to underline the societal importance of media literacy and promote media literacy initiatives and projects across the EU. From 18 to 22 March 2019, various events around the topic of media literacy will take place in Brussels and in Member States.
La Semaine européenne de l’éducation aux médias est une nouvelle initiative de la Commission européenne visant à souligner l’importance de l’éducation des médias pour la société et à promouvoir les initiatives et projets d’éducation aux médias dans l’ensemble de l’UE. Du 18 au 22 mars 2019, divers événements portant sur l’éducation aux médias auront lieu à Bruxelles et dans les États membres.

A high level of media literacy is a key factor to enable citizens to make informed decisions in the digital age. In this light, media literacy is a pre-requisite for a vibrant, modern democracy and an important topic in view of the upcoming European elections in May 2019.

The goal of the European Media Literacy Week is to raise awareness of the importance of media literacy across the EU and to highlight different existing initiatives, in particular those at regional and national level. At EU level, the main event will be a high-level conference hosted by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel.

Are you organising an event on the topic of Media Literacy at local level? Share it on the Commission’s dedicated Media Literacy Event repository!

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