Testing phase in Lendava, Slovenia

Mid-November, Iztok Šori from the Mirovni inštitut has carried out a pilot lesson at The Bilingual Secondary School Lendava, in the north-east of Slovenia.

Iztok Šori, PhD in Sociology (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, 2012), is a researcher at the Mirovni inštitut (Peace Institute) in Ljubljana. He has participated in several research projects that addressed gender equality, political representation and emancipation, prostitution, trafficking in persons, racism, populism, migration and lifestyles.

The school in Lendava is one of six test schools in Slovenia, Italy and Germany, where learning scenarios of MEET are being tested. Also in Lendava, a coordinated plan will be used to make video recordings that will be used in the joint documentary film of the MEET project.