Ljubljana: MEETing the Videomakers

The MEET conference on 12 and 13 October in Ljubljana served to bring together the team of the MEET documentary project from 3 countries and to discuss the joint framework planning and its implementation.

The team of the planned MEET documentary film from 3 countries was invited at Mirovni Inštitut (Peace Institute) on 12th and 13th October 2017 to discuss the procedure for the production of video recordings

To this end, the project team at the University of Florence presented the selected modules of the learning scenarios and justified the selection. Afterwards the media specialists from “Média Animation” from Brussels presented the operational guidelines for the creation of the videos and discussed with the attending Videomakers the technical requirements and the general procedure in the video shooting.

Finally, the learning scenarios, which are tested in schools in Germany, Italy and Slovenia, were analyzed very thoroughly. An exact shooting list has been defined for each learning scenario.

From mid-October onwards, school-based trials of the learning scenarios will take place in the project countries. In a few weeks the video recordings will start in the selected schools in Italy, Slovenia and Germany as planned in Ljubljana.