How to deal with hate on the internet? MEET discussion meeting in Vienna, 4 June 2018

Cyberbullying, fake news, hate speech – these terms have long since become part of everyday school life. Online, rumors and hate messages spread faster than ever, opinions are sold as facts and behind it is an algorithm that is hard to see through. For the schools, online media are another challenge and usually they are left alone. The MEET discussion event analyzes the mechanisms of lies and hate in the net and presents concrete tools and strategies for media education in schools.

Together with the author and digital ambassador of Austria Ingrid Brodnig and the media educator Katja Friedrich, we discuss concrete fields of action for teachers, youth workers and pupils.

2:00 pm
Welcome by Mag.a Ruth Petz, Rector of the PH Vienna
Presentation of the MEET project, University of Vienna and Children and Youth Advocates Vienna
2:15 pm
“Anger as a Political Instrument – How to Make Things Online on the Internet and How Education Can Respond to Them”, Ingrid Brodnig
2:50 pm
“Experience in dealing with right-wing populism and hatred in the net – tools for teaching”, Katja Friedrich
3:25 pm
Joint discussion with the audience on “Successful Hate Management – Examples, Practices and Perspectives for Pupils, School Leaders and Teachers”
3:45 pm Buffet and informal exchange