BoostCamps for more democracy

The educational organization Helliwood has been implementing a model project for “strengthening the network’s commitment to hatred in the network”, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

With the BoostCamps Helliwood develops a methodically diverse offer for educational specialists in school and youth help. They are supported in the intercultural development of democracy to strengthen the commitment to hatred in the network in their professional practice and successfully implement it.

The contents and methods of the BoostCamps can be used to strengthen the personal and social-communicative competencies of young people, to critically question their own behavior on the net, to change communication positively and to promote commitment. The aim is to sensitize them to democracy, hate / agitation and tendencies of radicalization on the net, and to motivate them to act actively.

An online portfolio for the accountancy and promotion of intercultural competences of young people is developed and practically tested with the model project. The online portfolio supports the strengthening of intercultural competences and promotes the ability of the young people to self-reflect.

For multipliers, a training program with information and background materials on the formation of democracy and hatred in the net is created for the use in their own professional environment. It encompasses applications of the online portfolio to promote intercultural competences among young people and includes media pedagogical methods, action-oriented learning scenarios and training concepts for intercultural media work with young people and the didactic concept for the preparation and execution of BoostCamps.

The project “BoostCamps for more democracy” starts in November 2017 with a discussion forum.

BoostCamps für mehr Demokratie